Week has been tough my wife and i have decided to part ways in a few weeks after our 6th baby is born been a tough week stress levels sky high walking is hard to focus on 2 broken toes too not helping hopefully things will get better 


slimming world the only positive thing in my life at the moment my weigh in is a fuck up i only maintained my weight no loss DAMN IT 



Ok time to get my mojo back check this weight loss shit out no more 1 pounds if i can help it i went back to basics got my life in check and i started to check my food out and i realise people have been using the wrong oils on things etc so i have taken my own cooking on cant trust any one now i will have to do this on my own now ,i still have my group and consultants backing helping out in slimming world is amazing love that place 



Ok this week i weighted in at 3pm new group i cant believe it 5 pounds down amazing feeling i just got my 4.5 stone award with a total loss of 4 st 7.5 pounds love it walked 25 mile this week


I have taken up walking as a hobby now looking for harder and longer walks  more of a challenge taking on the devils bit tonight cant wait my walking buddy rosie is coming with me so it should be a laugh ,feeling very stressed at the moment things not going so well at home a lot of interference from out side the home ,i may battle threw it hope i don’t gain weight  again any thing but that 


Slimming world is my new heaven i love it there i love helping in the group every week OK TIME FOR THE SCALES up i go 1.5 pounds down ok better than last week but i am getting there still going down 4 stone 2.5 pounds down now 



WEEK 15 Well this week is been a hard weeks walking 35 miles so far this week i got up to 10.15 miles on Friday  and did a charity walk on Sunday for a sick little girl not even the rain could not dampen our spirits 5.25 miles in 1 hr 20 mins amazing my walking buddy Rosie Young is flying it shes a friggin head case but the laughter is such a tonic 



Well i got there usual time 3.45 but i didn’t feel good , my legs hurt and i was sore and heavy so i wasn’t  surprised with only a 1 pound weigh loss to be honest i was fuming it took me a few mins to calm down but our great group help me realize i was still going down that’s all that mattered so i was retaining fluid from all my walking so hopefully next week i will see a big drop in the scales 




Ok THEN how did that happen no more pain in the back no more dead leg didn’t notice that hahahaha walking is a breeze now stairs are a laugh and painkillers are nearly a thing of the past time for new wardrobe of clothes not buying the jeans yet not till i reach a size 40 at least a few tops will do  for now



AN AMAZING NIGHT i have reached my 4 stone award and won slimmer of the month i feel on top of the world thank you INGRID SLIMMING WORLD PORTLAOISE AND OUR GREAT GROUPS



Well this is how it all began for a couple of weeks now i been getting theses what i call crashes i would get heavy sweats and rapid heart beat and dizzy spells ,so after constant nagging from the wife aka ball and chain i went off to the doctors ,he connected me to a carograph and when the nurse ran the test she went silent i knew she seen something so she decided to check all the cables and re run the test then she asked me to be silent and started the test again that look she then left the office and returned with the doctor i knew then then had found something ,the doctor then went on to tell me i have found a blurp instead of a blip. So i was told the heat specialist would be in touch, a couple after i got a lovely letter asking for my presence ,so off i went to see the heart doctor ,he is a lovely skinny little man who talks in questions he had my weight wrote on my file he decide to state the main reason for my problems is my weight and i should lose some REALLY ok i shouldn’t have let my self get so heavy nearly a sixth of a ton as the heart doctor told me 156 kilo BASTARD hated that ,so i agreed to lose weight and he would run some tests on me to see why the carograph gave us a bad reading he said it may be a early stage of heart disease ,he also suggested i started in a slimming club and told me there was a men only club in weight watchers  ,but my mother in law and wife and sister were already members of Slimming World so I agreed to start the following week ,ok it was the week after that one but i did start 



Slimming World 

It was the the 29/04/2014 at 5:30 i decide tonight’s the night  so i got ready and off i went and i enter the building and asked people where it was and this man pointed to the stairs OMFG A STAIRS i hate stairs i am so unfit how can there be a STAIRS so i started up the Stairs the sweat started to pour YES pour i sweated smiling ,so i got to the top of the stairs and composed myself in other words i waited till i could breath and speak at the same time but there was the SWEAT problem SO i entered the door and there it was a room full of women not a man to be seen any where but then i got intercept by a lovely lady named Ingrid all i could say is its warm isn’t it that’s the SWEAT sorted  so she set me down and and i had a form to fill in i was all fingers worst writing possible came from my hands ,so after a chat for a half and hour we joined the group and at the end of group we were weighted in but i noticed no one sat beside me THEN  I REALISED I HAD A B.O problem why didn’t i noticed before any ways i got weighed and the scales remindered me again of my huge weight , ok ray deep breathe you can do this NEXT thing i heard was Ingrid telling me that she would support me in my weight loss journey ,weird no body had used the diet word all night strange maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all 


DAY 1 

Ok Mary my wife introduced me to the slimming world plan BREAKFAST a slimming world fry up happy days it looked the same it tasted the same as a normal fry up this is going to be easy next a bowl of fruit and a yogurt wow more food i love food (explains the huge weight ).Ok lunch time i asked was there a sandwich going Mary made me a sandwich ONE sandwich not the usual plate full and it was brown bread BRENNANS B GOOD she called it so ok there was more fruit and more yogurt i needed it i was hungry but i felt full now DINNER was the same as usual nothing new there and a sald about 2 hours after yummy 

DAY 2 I was getting up off the couch and my back hurt badly i knew i had to do something about that too so off to the track Mary took the kids to the playpark side of the track off i went to walk the track 10 times was my number in my head HAHAHHAHAHAHA fooled my self half way around i was in so much pain if god had took me there it wouldn’t have been to soon ,so i battled to the end after one lap i needed the car seat i dropped in to it in a heap i was mess how did i get so bad why how so many questions to ask my self the one answer that kept coming up MY WEIGHT  OK RAY this isn’t going to be easy so i build a plan of action in my head and off i went each day to the track or Togher wood 1 lap would  gradually became 2 

DAY 3 lap 1 homble back to the car again but i have to do this food was the same as usual, back pain been a bastard 

day 4 nothing new to report still making a show of myself at the track must keep going every day

day 5 oh my fucking back and legs how did i let myself get so bad ,but ray your a chronic pain suffer don’t be beating yourself up NO ray no excuses get up and do your lap 

day six that was strange just got 2 laps out of myself pat on the back for your self RAY back pain is still hurting left leg still numb pain specialist ignoring me ,whats new he works for the HSE DONT get me wrong hes a great doctor but he has been a victim of the famous cutbacks

DAY 6 Tuesday was looming the dreaded scales i don’t feel good about it so i went for a walk not the track a walk i went 2 km how did that happen its now up to 3 km  still feeling good time to go back to the house wasnt feeling to much pain happy days ,forgot to mention my 6 broken ribs there healing nicely 


There is it is that dreaded stairs sweat time again so up i went i and sat down waited to be weighed a queue formed how the heck can i stand in a queue with the sweaty smell in  the air ok wait ray till the end of the queue stood on the scales next thing i heard congrats you lost 6 and half pound WOW how did that happen cool felt great GROUP WENT ON  still no one sitting beside me NOT THERE FAULT IT WAS THE BO problem one brave girl one seat up reached over and said fair play for coming here cool i felt good after that ,so the plan was to exit quickly after group BUT THEN Ingrid announced my weight lose and i looked around the group was happy for me but then i noticed them THE MIRRORS the room was covered in MIRRORS WOW i was 3/4 times bigger than every one else my head was spinning a bit over that i nearly cried ok GROUP was over run RAY plan of action worked got to car and breath  OK RAY you did it 6.5 pounds down happy days 


Week 2 

Time to push MYSELF so i decided to increase my laps to 4 or 1.5 miles omfg it hurts but i have to do it so day after day i pushed harder and harder then one day i woke up no pain wow that felt good only 2 weeks in 

i am leading a better lifestyle now eating better loving the walks as hard as there are been timing my walks 1 mile 24/27 mins

OK food is been a bit boring time for a work on it for a bit MOTHER IN LAW TO THE RESCUE she gives mary lovely food ideas

ok ray time to make a change in the Bo dept SO i said to my wife need to get body washes and sprays etc ,her reply was there there already hun OK WHY DIDNT i see them before DEPRESSION is the answer been battling it for a few yrs since i hurt my back couldn’t cope with the fact i had now limits on me i hated limits  ok day after day Battle after Battle i struggle on 



OK BO  problem dealt with i Hoped i had a hair cut got rid of the beard DRESSED littler stairs i am ready for you so up i went up the stairs very little sweat happy days i got in to the line waited for weigh in WOW another 3.5 down HAPPY DAYS that’s 10 pounds down in 2 weeks i just won a the drop a size challenge  happy days i won slimmer of the week already got my .5 stone award too 


Walking is a steady 1.5 miles delighted with that so far so soon a few weeks back i couldn’t walk up a stairs delighted with progress so far .Food is working out ok  for me never hungry Pissing like a race horse DELIGHTED i am healthier stronger than i have been in a while a good while starting to struggle with getting people to come walking with me so the kids started coming with me having a blast spending time with them and losing weight


Stairs what stairs, out  of my way girls coming throw ran up the stairs got in to line and waited for my turn on the scales MIRRORS  becoming invisible now getting used to the room so up i go to the scales ANOTHER 3 POUND DOWN not my stone yet but so what i am still losing i sit there with a huge grin on my face,everyones happy for me they really are i can see it and there sitting beside me now BO problem WHAT BO problem i smell sexy now hahahah walking has become hiking now a bit harder and a struggle but its making me work for it i needed this ,breathing hard and digging deep 


Hiking going well doing the green loops one after another loving it seeing rural Ireland from a different side weigh loss has become fun and exciting i love tuesdays now bring on the scales baby food has changed this week no more fry ups in the morning i now eat weetabix and fruit and a yoghurt its working great for me ,walking has fixed my back no more pain in a few short weeks delighted with my self 



WEEK 5 WEIGH LOSS a breeze walking a breeze back pain none BO problem gone life is great food is good 


WEIGH in 9 pounds down I RAN over to ingrids husband text her please let her know i was delighted kid on xmas morning comes to mind 


I AM FLYING IT walking EATING WELL loving life WALKING IN A GROUP  with some of my new friends from slimming world


OK slimming world you aint seen any thing like me before hahahah

THE DREADED SCALES everyone hates that scales but they still be brave and stand on it i admire there bravery ,me on the other hand have become  addicted to that scales we have had our battle now its my reward for my hard week it shows me how good i was at my weight loss this week ok the line gets shorter and shorter now its my turn up i go down 1  pound  this week still going in the right direction happy days 



WALKING GOING GREAT food is filling me with energy i am walking every day loving life and buzzing all around able to play ball with my son now this is how life should be 



OK I GOT THIS NOW no more stairs to stop me now ,sweat whatever i dont sweat stairs now hahahahah ok now i get weight in first as a member of the social team down 2.5 pounds WHOS YOUR DADDY RAYS YOUR DADDY HAHAHAHAHA i sit in group with a smug look smile painted on my face 


NOTHING NEW TO REPORT walking /hiking is a part of life now love it HAVENT TOUCHED junk food in weeks delighted with myself ,down to a size 46 now from a 54 happy

there was a nearly angiogram this week doctor changed hes mind at the last minute 




down 4.5 pounds happy days 


feeling great strong as an ox starting to get some work on the side again ,i am loving life and loving myself again THANK GOD MARY IS PREGNANT my sex drive is sky high now that i am fit again hahahahah



WEEK 10 

life has become a very full of fun and energy i am not trapped any more i am FREE AGAIN OF PAIN and that couch my jail bars have weaken enough for me to move on now 




WEEK 11 

I am so pretty in playing on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye7PIyIcCro i am singing a long wife finds it funny but i feel great people are commenting on how great i look now i feel like a celeb hhahahahaha i am loving the attention 


DOWN 2.5 pounds happy days still going down plan and me built for one anther 

WEEK 12 

I am leading a walking group i am helping others with there weigh loss i love this life i am soaking up the attention its all the positive energy i have now its beautiful to be around 



WEEK 13 This could be a good week for me i might get my 3 .5 stone award i decide to sit back and live life to the max i need to loss 3 pounds let the week give me that much at least  



3 POUNDS DOWN I GOT MY 3.5 STONE AWARD OVER THE FUCKING MOON ingrids delighted for me so is the group i am floating on air happy days